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October 31 2017

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cute no matter the dialect

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Teen, Age Album Jacket Shoot - Naver x Dispatch

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Can’t believe this is my 2000th post! 💕

To celebrate, I thought I’d share some of my most Tumblr-popular pieces from the last few years.

Big thanks to everyone who likes, reblogs, comments and shares – I’m so grateful for your support. I love reading your messages, and the often funny and heartwarming notes you write when you reblog (sometimes the ones in the hashtags are my favorite – I see you, shy, witty people).

And thank you to the amazing Tumblr Community Team who have shared my work on the radar (most recently last week!), I’m really thankful for the supportive and kind community you’ve built for artists and creatives!

Here’s to the next 2000!😊

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haunted houses

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when namjoon is the view

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So scary!! 🕸👻🎃
#HappyHalloween  #pick #the #best #costume #BT21 #UNIVERSTAR #TATA #RJ #COOKY #SHOOKY #MANG #KOYA #CHIMMY #VAN #CreatedbyBTS
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midnight snack

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171031 Namjoon’s Tweet

firenze #RM

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171031 Yoongi’s Tweet

#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #방탄소년단

#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #BangtanSonyeondan

Trans cr: Kristi @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

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171031 Seokjin’s Tweet

#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #방탄소년단

#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #BangtanSonyeondan

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out



Dumbledore, died at age 115

Horcruxes made: 0

Voldemort, died at age 71

Horcruxes made: 7

Conclusion: Voldemort was the most useless, magic dependant wizard that ever existed. He could have lived till like 200 if he just ate well and exercised, but no he had to go and split up his soul and ruin perfectly good jewellery, fucking dumbass.

this sounds like it was written by hermione granger at 1 am

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171031 Jimin’s Tweet

#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #방탄소년단

#BTSLoveMyself #BTS #BangtanSonyeondan

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

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So excited to share my new vlog, this exhibit was so inspiring and I hope you love it as much as I did! Plus I recorded every time I used Korean the entire day so you can see how much/little you need to know if you’re nervous about visiting 🤗

sometimes you just gotta binge-watch @agingerwithaseoul’s videos on YouTube to psych yourself up for your move to Korea (even if it’s a full year away ㅠ) !!

October 30 2017


What I’m focused on right now is reaching my goals, my personal growth, finding inner peace & surrounding myself with the right people.

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don’t tell me to look into my heart to find the answer i already know what’s there it’s namjoon

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Out of all the smiles in the world, yours is my favorite

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